Wise Business Plans, an industry leader for business planning and client success, is turning its focus toward helping its clients develop and establish their brand identity, with new and improved offerings like a pitch deck program and graphic design services in support of their clients’ financial goals. 

“Even the smallest company needs a strong, recognizable brand,” said Joseph Ferriolo, director of Wise. “Strong branding will always be a necessary component for success. Your brand is the face and handshake of your company.”

Ferriolo said a recognizable brand is also increasingly important as social media becomes a part of everyday advertising strategies.

“Companies of all sizes are competing online for consumer attention. A small company without a solid brand can get lost in the fray,” said Ferriolo. “As trends gain in popularity and then fall out of grace, those companies that are most able and willing to adapt to the new landscape will be most likely to succeed.”

Every Wise business plan contains carefully crafted information on each company’s branding and marketing strategies that are targeted at increasing brand awareness with customers.

“But we are also offering customized, fully branded, PowerPoint presentations that can solidify your branding in the minds of potential investors,” said Ferriolo.

To help clients strengthen their connection with consumers, Wise is also adding to the emphasis it already places on branding and marketing within its plans.

“We’re committed to helping you make sure everyone knows the face of your company when they see it. Your brand speaks your vision to the world, and we believe every company’s message should be heard.”

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