According to, the 2015 EB-5 visa program regression for Chinese investors left many potential participants who missed the retroactive 2013 deadline out in the cold, at least until the backlog of applications is addressed and the regression is ended. Wise Business Plans, which works with investors across the globe, is stepping in to help those left out of the process for 2015 get ahead of the game for next year.


“This is one of those situations that it’s just hard to prepare for,” said Joseph Ferriolo, Director of Wise. “But if we can help our clients use the time they spend waiting on the regression to end as an opportunity to improve their business planning — and thus their chances of approval — then we’ve done our jobs right.”


Ferriolo said the company’s expert planning staff is well versed in the EB-5 application and approval process and can help guide Chinese investors toward getting everything prepared and ready to submit once the opportunity arises.


“China is one of the countries most committed to the EB-5 program, which is of great value to the economy of the United States,” said Ferriolo. “We want to honor that commitment by helping in any way we can.”

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