Using diplomacy in everyday business situations
A  friend of Wise was recently purchasing fruit and vegetables in one of her favorite specialty shops and had brought her spouse, who happened to be wearing his favorite college team shirt, along with her. The proprietor of said shop, being a fan of a rival team, made a loud and insulting remark about her husband’s shirt and the team that it represented. The couple finished their shopping, but on the way home, our friend’s spouse let her know that he felt unwelcome and embarrassed and requested that she no longer shop in that particular store.
Have you ever entered a business with a small child, only to see artwork or advertisements and magazines that were inappropriate for their viewing? Perhaps you have stood in line in a business that, as in the situation our friend encountered, was very bold in their support of a favorite team, a social issue or some other personal preference, making customers feel unwanted if their opinion differed.
This is completely counter-productive to good customer relations and leads to loss of revenue and poor community feedback. Your customers are frequenting your business to offer you their money and support, but they also want to feel that they are important to you, even if they don’t share your enthusiasm for the local team or any other special interest that you may have.

We all have our favorites in the worlds of art, sports, and other areas of life, but we cannot allow those preferences to make our clients and customers feel uncomfortable, if we want to be successful in the business world.