Time to Revisit Your Marketing for the New Year
It’s almost 2017, and the new “Color of the Year” — a fresh Spring green — has been released. As the old year wanes, it’s time for all of us to review our branding and see if our color, logo, font and message choices are equally as vital.
Choosing the right colors for your company’s designs can make all the difference in how people react to your campaign, and so we often become very attached to the colors, fonts and design elements we initially choose. But adding just a hint of something new can freshen up your relationship with established customers or clients and even renew your own sense of excitement about your brand. Consider a new accent color or a similar but slightly more modern font as a starting point.
According to one study, people make up their minds within about 90 seconds of their initial interactions with either people or products. About 60 to 90 percent of the assessment is based on colors alone. This is a good reminder that new customers will be initially drawn to your store or advertisement by color and their decisions will be affected by your choices. 
As a new year’s refresher, here are a few ways colors can be used to start, improve or refresh your branding and your marketing campaigns.
Action orientated colors include reds, oranges, and yellows. These colors will highlight your intended message and draw your customer’s eyes to it, so there’s no way they can overlook it.  Bright colors also fit in with many brands that cater to younger adults and teens. Even neon colors are now commonly used in advertising. Use them sparingly among sets of subdued colors if there’s something you want to stand out.
For a more mature, traditional statement, consider darker colors, such as dark green, blues, browns, and earth tones. These give a feeling of stability and quality and might be better used for more professional looking marketing campaigns and company logos. First, decide what you want the feel of your company or products to be and then proceed from there.
Never forget, though — a serious company can have a more lively accent color, and a playful company can be grounded gently with a more classic font. Even if your branding feels perfect, there are always ways to freshen it up for the new year.