Take the Ball and Run with it, or Hand the Ball Off 

It sometimes seems that it is the employees that are enjoying all the time off and the entrepreneur is the one at work on Saturday. I know, it’s the owner that makes all the money. Not always! Many times the main reason a person starts a new business is so they can make their own hours, or have more time for themselves. Paying employees to do the work is what owners do.

But many new business owners tend to be bad delegators and they end up trying to do everything themselves. If employees think something is hard or if they poorly execute a task, the frustrated boss just decides to do it themselves! Most business owners spend more time than they realize dealing with problems their employees are hired to do.

Being able to delegate is a critical skill for any business owner, and it’s important to have a team of productive employees to do the work. Here are some suggestions that have helped others keep the flow of business moving in the right direction.

When employees come to you with a problem, either solve it for them right then and there or make sure to let them know that they are the ones responsible for solving it. Don’t let them transfer the problem to you. Very few problems are actually severe enough to warrant the boss taking it on.

Make sure your employees stay gainfully employed at the tasks they were hired to take on. A busy worker is a happy one, and they don’t need 24/7 access to the bosses ear. Set up designated times for employee-to-boss meetings.

When you do find yourself with a few problems that only you can solve, make sure to prioritize them carefully. If a problem can be redesignated back down to a trusted employee, do so. Often times this trust will create a better worker in the long run.