Maintaining Your Momentum with Critical Thinking

To be effective as a business owner, you must develop skills in critical thinking. Critical thinking is a process where you learn how to make your ideas a reality by developing your skills in teamwork, problem-solving and strategic thinking. It is also a tool to help you deal with change, plan for and make transitions, and envision new possibilities and opportunities. Critical thinking requires you to envision what you want your ideal outcome to be for your business, then work backward by focusing on the vision of how you will reach your ultimate goal. As you develop your vision for your business, there are different rules that you should focus on. These criteria will help you define your best outcome. In addition, they will help you set up and develop the steps necessary to make your business vision come true.

The organization of your business involves your employees, the structure of your business and the resources necessary to make it all come together. What will your organization look like? What type of structure will support your vision of how your company will look and operate? How you combine people, resources and structure together to achieve your ideal outcome will define your business style?

What are the motivating forces that will make your ideal outcome happen? What is your company’s vision and mission? These forces usually lay the groundwork for what you want people to focus on in your business. Individual and organizational incentives, alignment, factors such as a defined vision, values and goals, are all forces that can provide the stimuli for growth.

After working through the phases of the critical thinking process, you should be able to define your ideal business character. Your ideal character outline should include the conditions you have found to be necessary if your business is to be productive. The niche in the marketplace that your business will fill, any opportunities that may exist either currently or in the future for your business, the core skills required in your business, and the strategies and tactics you will use to make your vision a reality.