Keeping a sharp memory is good for business
All the cells in our bodies depend on a proper supply of oxygen and required nutrients to work efficiently, including our brains. It isn’t as difficult as it seems to protect and feed our bodies to nurture our brains. Eating and drinking a few things that are very good for us can offset some of the bad things that we are all prone to enjoy.
One of the basic ingredients of maintaining a healthy mind is ensuring that your blood pressure stays within a normal range, and that can be a real challenge when running your own business. Keeping emotions in check and consuming natural foods, such as green leafy vegetables, can assist in the normalization of blood pressure. 
Exercise, relaxation and the required amount of real sleep can go a long way in regenerating energy and rebooting memory and brain vigor. By real sleep, we mean actually being in a comfortable bed in a nice quiet environment, with no distractions, and letting your mind turn off while your tired body repairs itself through deep, restful sleep.
Food can be medicine to the body, and the correct nourishment is a wonderful ally when trying to counter the junk food, smoking, late hours and fatigue that plagues many hard-working adults. Many studies have shown that those people who consume high amounts of fresh vegetables, fruits and foods containing good amounts of Omega 3 fatty acids have a much higher instance of memory retention and overall brain health. So, the next time you have cinnamon rolls and coffee for breakfast, try opting for a fresh salad for lunch and a quality protein such as salmon for dinner. You may not notice right away, but your brain will reap the benefits immediately.