Best practices for having a loved one work for you

 Employing a loved one can be of great benefit to you and that person. You already know the person you’re planning to hire, and you care about him or her. It is different than hiring a stranger.

But sometimes these differences can cause problems. It’s important to set boundaries and ground rules like you would with another employee. Here are a few ways to help this experience remain pleasant.

Setting ground rules can help prevent conflict. Everyone should be aware up front of what is expected and what won’t be tolerated. It may seem harsh, but even though this person is dear to you — or, perhaps, because of that fact — it will benefit both of you to have a clear understanding of how the working relationship needs to work.

If you have other employees, it’s important to keep things fair. Having a loved one work for you is great, but be sure it doesn’t cause animosity within your business. Treat all employees equally and fairly. Don’t let your love for this person make you blind to the achievements of others.


Don’t be afraid to give an employee who is a loved one constructive criticism or praise. They are just like any other employee need encouragement, leadership and structure. On the other side of this, don’t let yourself be tougher on your loved one in fear of showing favoritism. Having a loved one work for you is a careful balance and should be thoughtfully considered before deciding if it’s the right path for you, your business and your loved one.