Advertising…. The key, or not the Key

Advertising is often said to be just as important as the product itself. In fact, many an advertising guru has bragged about being able to sell sand in the desert, even sawdust to a lumberyard. But the type of advertising and the tactics you use will really be what gets you the results you desire. Here’s a few questions any entrepreneur or new business owner should find the answers to before launching their first advertising campaign.

Do you need an ad campaign or just an ad? A campaign is when a business owner advertises on different media, like TV, radio, newspapers, billboards, online, etc., and the ad is unified by a common theme or message. An ad is a sales pitch. Creating an ad should give you the chance to put your best foot forward by developing a great pitch for your company’s brand, product or service.

Do you want to do the advertising yourself or are you going to hire a firm? Many business owners are willing to do an individual ad themselves. Whether you do this or not depends on your comfort level and just how outgoing you happen to be. If it’s just not your personality, then let the experts handle it. If you are considering an ad campaign, most of the experts agree this is where the experts shine. The next question you have to find an answer for is:

How much do you want to spend? Veteran advertisers have learned when they use more than one type of media the recall and communication of their message is greater than when they only use one type. This is often the most economical way to start an ad campaign because the theme and slogans from the ad campaign can be used in other sales and marketing materials to further expand your marketing. Developing an ad campaign takes more work and costs more initially, but it pays you back later with stronger brand reputation for your product, service, company or non-profit organization.