A holiday is not a holiday when you can’t enjoy it

Busy people often spend a lot of time daydreaming about a vacation, just a little time away from the business, even when it’s a business that they love. It’s how we continue, day after day, getting the things done that are required of us. Yet we rarely commit and take the time off in reality, losing vacation days each year in service to our businesses. 


However, just a day or two at the beach, in your family cabin or at some other favorite relaxation destination, can build and increase your creativity and energy, allowing you to be a better small business owner. This makes it well worth the planning that goes into the process of getting away for a little while.


If you have a business partner, talk about ways that the two of you can schedule separate times to be away from work, thus allowing both of you to vacation while keeping the business trouble free. If there is no partner, consider training a trusted family member or friend to lend a hand, at least long enough to give you a few hours of free time. (This can also come in handy in the event of an emergency.)


Before you make your getaway, inform those that need to know — such as associates, important customers and vendors — that you’ll be away and let them know if and where they can contact you in an emergency. Most clients and business associates will respect the privacy of your holiday and not contact you unless it is necessary.


When you do get away, try to limit the work-related time you spend on your computer, phone or other device. It is sometimes imperative to answer email, return phone calls or simply check on the goings on at your business, but it isn’t a vacation if you can’t relax and enjoy it. Sometimes stepping away is the fastest way to clear your mind and see things from a new angle, but your mind needs to truly rest to recover from the day-to-day stress of business ownership.


Part of owning and building a cherished business is providing for your own livelihood and supporting your family. That family support includes spending quality time with those that you love, even if it is meted out a few days here and there.


It is not easy to step away from a business that you have built and nurtured, but it can be life-changing, reestablishing confidence, relieving stress and improving physical and mental health.