The following are 10 areas that the business plan should include…

Executive Summary:   What is the business all about and why should the reader be excited? This section appears first; however, is usually written last.

Funding Request:  How much funding does your business need? This includes the initial startup expenses and the ongoing working capital for payroll, marketing, etc.

Business Description:  How does the business work? An overview of what the business intends to do.

Products and/or Services: What is unique about your product or services? How will your products and services better the lives of others?

Industry Analysis:  The key section of business plans. How large is the market and what percentage do you plan to capture?

Competitive Analysis: This section should compare your strengths and weakness to that of the competition in the market. Why would a consumer use your product or service over your competitors?

Market and Sales:  How will you promote and market your business so that the world knows you exist?

Management and Organization:  When looking for funding, most will turn to this section. Who will be steering the boat? Having a strong management in place is vital to any successful business.

Operations:  This section addresses how the business will be run on a day-to-day basis.

Financials: The goal here is to project realistic financials based on similar businesses within your industry. Seeking help from an account or business plan professional can be invaluable.